Tezera kassa importer Need Partners

We need business partners. Do you want to be our business partners, if so please accept our offer and invitation for business partnerships .it doesn’t matter whether you have capital or you are without capital / seed money

Any entrepreneur engaged in export of goods in the export sector for consecutive 10 times attracting market for goods will be fortune enough to participate in foreign business exhibitions. All expenses required for participation in foreign execution will be covered for 5 days.


Currently we are looking for business partners with residence permit of any diaspora of Ethiopian citizens to work jointly in some import and export business of limited sector of business and invite you all to use this miracle opportunity.


You have special offer without incurring any form of expense in the business through commission of fixed rate payment, you are all cordially invited to use this golden opportunity.

Special offer

Special offers Any entrepreneur engaged in export of 100 tons or 50 container In any on form business or different goods or get products export within one year shall get from birr 500,000 to 1,000,000.00 as incentives in the form of gift as commission on the bases of feasibility of the business.