Tezera Kasa Import and Export

Gum Exporter

Tezera Kasa Import and Export is a progressive and professionally managed organization Company engaged the international trading of agricultural commodities such as Gum Oppopnex, Gum OLibanum, Gum Arabic and others Gums. At Tezera Kasa , we stand for integrity, commitment and excellence. All of our staff are trained to adopt a customer driven approach as our strategic focus with fundamental values and generally accepted moral principles such as respect and honesty being the basis of all our dealings.extensively trained to harness the company’s strategic strengths and core competencies in order to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our valued clients.

Our Product

Gum Olibanum

Many, mostly used as a raw material for the manufacturing of foods and medicines

Gum Oppopnex

for pilgrims and as herbal medicines and others

Gum Arabica

primary ingredient being used in soft drink syrups

other Gum

Different kind of Gums from Ethiopia

Gum Acacia

Gum Acacia is another name for Gum Arabic as the come comes for the Acacia tree’s sap. It is considered as one of the most precious gums in the world with the longest history. It is also referred to as Meska, Hashab and many other names has been used since ancient times. Its usage and demands stems from all modern industrial sectors including pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, inks and plastic manufacturing to name a few.