Tezera kassa importer

Any customer that brings directly or indirectly any one customers of exportable items shall get two years commission. However, if the business transaction between the customer and the company terminate or becomes unsuccessful shall not get any form of commission.Any person shall engaged in market search by him / herself, his / her family members or any unknown person.

Market search may be conducted through the internet, Ethiopians residing aboard, Bazaars’ and exhibition as well as any other market search methods conductive for that person.Details of products that one should engaged in export sector market search are Coffee,Honey Cotton, Spices Ginger ,Incense / Gum Arabic Chat,Cereals and oil seeds


Our company will pay 20% (twenty percent ) of the net profit on goods exported from Ethiopia to abroad provided that any commission agent bring marketed for goods


If a person didn’t get market but secures through any other second or third party, shall be paid lump sum commission from net profit amounting to 25%(twenty five percent ) of the net profit .


Our company is also ready to engage in import including on those sector that your company has studied feasibility.

Description of products imported by your company


Equipment’s, goods, sanitary napkins, diaper, soap and detergents etc.


New and used vehicles of any model having market demand in Ethiopia


Various chemical products such as paraffin, glycerin, Vaseline etc.


Stationery and advertising materials .


Our company has interest in working with citizen’s foreign citizens and Ethiopians in any manufacturing sector