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Tezera Kassa Import & Exporter

Tezera kassa import & Export Trade business enterprise has been engaged in production of Food and related items for long period of time; the company has also been exporting Chat to Djibouti and currently importing vehicles from republic of Korea, Dubai and Japan and has penetrated car market in Ethiopia hand in hand with sanitary napkins (Modes), wipes and baby shampoo from Turkey and has been importing Baby Diapers and women sanitary napkins

. It has also been importing raw materials for cosmetics of Heavy and light liquid paraffin oil from India and has high market demand. On these bases ,these are the sectors in which the company has succeeded and the company has also been studying new business horizons specially in launder soaps and spa, liquid and flour soaps and detergent and currently has planned to import colgate.it has been making efforts to engage in export trade sector with better results. This has its own national benefits in securing hard shortage of currency.

Working Hours :

Monday to Saturday: 8:30am - 7:30pm
Sat-Sun: By Special Appointment

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Our import and export company has been implementing its import and export activities through successful and result oriented manners having amicable business relationship with most of business institutions and a company for successful business is our main goal.in the long run control the market for this specific product and have impact on Ethiopian market.

Why work with us

We provide a wide range of services


4.1 Ensuring large market share in cities of the regional state and the capital city in newly imported items, products from various counties.

4.2 Saving foreign currency through import of items (products) and work in coordination with local and foreign investors.

4.3 Various products or raw materials ready for export including coffee, ginger, gum Arabic and other raw ,materials having high market demand


5.1 Our company has strong commitment and modern distribution and sells system that is currently transforming to modern and better system for successes of vision of our company.

5.2 Our company has been striving to implement easy system of performances in purchase and distribution at local level and internationally thereby implement modern networking system expansion equipment, modern networking system expansion equipment with trained man power.

5.3 Has Organized the company with trained man power and reliant on information technology with huge infrastructure.

5.4 Undertake purchase and sells system with due commitment and sense of responsibility, transparent, efficient and effective modern performance system.

better methods of performance and long years of experiences

We have been rigerously advertising products/items imported to the country at large using better methods of performance and long years of experiences gained with the objective and goal to conduct fruitful business

Lets Work Together

Our company has intent to work jointly with your company and has cordially invited you.We have the motto that is working together, develop together and benefit together